The Process for Psychiatrists

> List your available MBS 291 appointments via Adelaide PHN
> Conduct the booked assessment & report back to the GP

Psychiatrists are required to register their interest in listing their appointments via the ‘Psychiatrist Registration’ page. Adelaide PHN will then get in contact to confirm the registration and ask what appointment times you would like GP PASA to fill moving forward. 

Once registered with GP PASA, psychiatrists can expect that the CCCs will have determined appropriateness and eligibility for an MBS 291 assessment, confirm the appointment with the patient on their behalf, alert the psychiatrist that the booking has been made, and take the available appointment listing off the GP PASA calendar.  

Once an appointment has been filled, psychiatrists will receive a notification from the CCC and a copy of the GP-completed treatment plan and referral for psychiatry services via fax.  

Additional details:

GP PASA accepts both regular MBS 291 appointment listings and ad-hoc available appointments.