The Process For GPs

In response to high demand and to facilitate service improvements and patient-focused management, Adelaide PHN implemented a new service model for GP PASA in August 2019.

The process for GPs is outlined below - click on each step for detailed instructions.

Before making a referral for an MBS 291 psychiatric assessment through GP PASA, please check that your client matches the suitability criteria for this service.

For adults (18 years and above)* - Complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) and send by Secure Message through ReferralNet (search for Central Referral Unit) to the Adelaide PHN Central Referral Unit (CRU) or fax the CRU directly on
1300 580 249.  

>> Include with the MHTP a Psychiatry Referral letter - Referrals for an MBS 291 psychiatry assessment and management plan should be attached with the MHTP. The GP-Referral for psychiatry consult should include:  

  • The reason for referral 
  • The main issue (a summary of problems, the perceived contributors and any safety concerns) 
  • Medical history, and the relevant medical and mental health treatment that has been provided 
  • Whether a mental health clinician has recommended that the GP make the referral to psychiatry (include their specific concerns and contact details) 

*GP PASA referrals for children (less than 18 years) will be managed by the Adelaide PHN Primary Mental Health Care Services - Central Referral Unit. Please contact the Central Referral Unit on Ph: 1800 721 899.  

Adelaide PHN’s Clinical Triage Officers in the Central Referral Unit will conduct a clinical triage, review and make recommendations. The Central Referral Team will then send a referral recommendation (if multiple services are indicated for the client) and allocate to a service provider for Clinical Care Coordination: Sonder in the north and central-western areas of Adelaide, and Links to Wellbeing in the southern and central areas.  

Clinical Care Coordinators (CCCs) will then engage, triage, assess and match suitable patients to available MBS 291 appointments as they become available through GP PASA. The CCC will also engage the patient concerning their available treatment options and maintain communication with the GP. CCCs will provide oversight and coordination of clinical and non-clinical services to meet the mental health needs of patients.  

Await psychiatrist’s assessment report. 

On completion of the MBS 291 assessment by the psychiatrist, a detailed opinion and report will be provided to the general practitioner and to the patient within two weeks of the appointment.