Eligibility Checklist For MBS 291 Assessment

Before making a referral for an MBS 291 psychiatric assessment through GP PASA, please check that your client matches the suitability criteria for this service.  


By answering “Yes” to the following questions:  

  • Are you requesting a one-off assessment and management plan by a psychiatrist for your patient? 
  • Are you the patient’s usual treating GP and will you be responsible for their continuing care? 
  • Have you explained to the patient the intended purpose of clinical care coordination and the outcome of an MBS 291 assessment? 


and answering “No” to the following questions:   

  • Is your patient currently in acute crisis? 
  • Has your patient attended an MBS 291 assessment with a psychiatrist in the past 12 months? 
  • Are you seeking advice, assessment and /or review regarding a presentation of Intellectual Disability for this patient? 
  • Is the appointment required for a third party (e.g. medico-legal requirements), a patient engaged in Return to Work SA, related to work as a first responder (military, ambulance, metro fire service and/or police)? 
  • Are there any risk factors that would make attendance by this patient at a private psychiatrist room inappropriate?