GP-PASA is a unique South Australian service assisting GPs and patients with accessing one-off psychiatric assessments provided under MBS Item Number 291.


Accessing timely and affordable psychiatric advice to inform treatment and care planning has been a challenge for GPs and patients. GP-PASA exists to help increase timely and seamless access to psychiatric advice at the right time for patients seen in general practice.

GP-PASA is not a new service. In 2017, a review of GP-PASA was carried out by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and Adelaide Primary Health Network to improve and enhance the service.

The results of this enhancement have been incorporated into the current GP-PASA model and the creation of this website.

Psychiatrists registered with GP-PASA can list their available appointments for 291 assessments. These appointments are then filled by GPs following a screening assessment to ensure suitability.

Following the psychiatrist assessment, ongoing care is managed by the GP.

> Register
> List your available appointments
> Conduct the booked assessment & report back to GP

Psychiatrists are required to register their interest in listing their appointments via the ‘Psychiatrist Registration’ page. GP-PASA will then get in contact to confirm the registration and ask what appointment times you would like GP-PASA to fill moving forward.

Listed appointments are filled by GPs via the phoneline (following an online patient screening assessment). Once an appointment has been filled, Psychiatrists will receive a notification (including the GP-completed screening questionnaire regarding the patient) via fax. Patients are required to confirm this appointment with the psychiatrist within two days of booking. If patient confirmation is not received, psychiatrists should alert GP-PASA so the appointment can be relisted as available.

Additional details:

  • GP-PASA accepts both regular appointment listings and ad-hoc available appointments
  • GP-PASA maintains a maximum of six week forward booking limit for patients to minimise non-attendance
  • The online screening assessment - completed by the GP for each patient - requires the GP to both discuss the purpose of the MBS 291 assessment with the patient and supply printed information about the assessment
  • You will receive a copy of the online screening assessment as part of the booking notification – this will include information about the patient and their reason for the referral

> Complete the online patient screening process
> You will be contacted once an appointment becomes available
> Await Psychiatrist’s Assessment Report

GPs are required to complete an online screening questionnaire for each patient seeking assessment. If your patient is assessed as eligible, you will be contacted when an appointment becomes available (If your patient is assessed as ineligible, you will be advised as soon as possible and directed to alternative referral options)..
Additional details:

  • GP-PASA maintains a maximum of six week forward booking limit for patients to minimise non-attendance
  • The online screening assessment requires GPs to discuss the purpose of the MBS 291 assessment with each patient and supply the provided printed information leaflet
  • A copy of the online screening assessment will be supplied to the Psychiatrist
  • Patients are required to confirm their appointment with the Psychiatrist within two days of the booking being made and Psychiatrist can re-list the appointment if patient confirmation is not made within two days
  • Where patients are not eligible for 291 assessment, alternative referral options are available

GP-PASA is a service for general practitioners, psychiatrists and patients needing 291 assessments.

GP-PASA is only suitable for patients who can be appropriately managed, by a general practitioner (with other professional involvement where appropriate), without the need for ongoing treatment by the assessing psychiatrist.

On completion of the MBS Item Number 291 assessment by the psychiatrist, a detailed opinion and report will be provided to the general practitioner and to the patient within two weeks of the appointment(s).